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Marketing tools have never been more advanced. Nor have platforms such as social media, email, mobile and search, been so easy to combine.

Inspiring, engaging, and connecting with your audience has never been simpler, right?

Sure as night follows day, marketing budgets are wasted en masse with agencies that just, don’t, get it…

‘It’ being the fact that marketing that drives results demands vision and trust in being guided by the data.

‘It’ being originality, creativity, and always questioning what can be done differently.

Above all else? Digital marketing is a challenge suited only to proven story tellers and digital experience creators.

It’s deafening out there. You need digital marketing, done right.

Your target market, whether business or consumer, is overloaded, overwhelmed and overcome with messages from every angle. They are being bombarded. And your competitors seemingly have the upper hand. At least for now.

The answer? To craft a marketing strategy that makes that single prospect feel as though they’re the only person in the world – to deliver a message so personal, that they feel they know you already. And that’s exactly where we come in.

Digital strategy that speaks as though it’s a one-to-one conversation between friends.

We’ll make your story matter – speaking to your audience in a voice, with a message, that resonates. We’ll employ smart digital strategies to customise experiences – down to an individual level. Spanning far beyond email marketing in Dubai, to incorporate many marketing mediums – mediums including SEO, PPC and SMM, on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google search, even Amazon Echo.
But all of this – your story, our approach – can only be shaped and chosen based on concrete data (it’s the lifeblood of marketing that works). Without data, marketing is nothing more than hit-and-miss presumption.
With data leading the way, we ensure that every single interaction, across each touchpoint, counts.

When I first saw the new website that had just been launched I was very impressed with the minimalist design. The CMS, campaign management tool and analytics were well integrated which made my job as a marketer simple. The website is user friendly and easily navigable which along with contact form buttons in almost every page helped us tremendously in lead generation over the years. LA Digital were also very supportive during our domain transition and in setting up our UK website. The best part of partnering with LA Digital has been how the team are just a phone call away and ever ready to discuss any new idea.


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Frequently asked questions.

What digital marketing services in Dubai do you offer?

No matter where they turn, consumers are presented with marketing messages in every corner of the world wide web – hundreds, thousands, of companies vying for their business – on Facebook, Twitter, Google search, Amazon Echo. It’s noisy out there. To cut through the deafening, conflicting messages, you need a digital marketing strategy that really, truly connects, engages, and inspires your audience. All of which demands originality and creativity. Then we move on to talk about PPC, SEO and SMM.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Making it simple, this strand of marketing involves techniques that gradually boost your website ranking in Google, and other search engines. It’s pretty important, too. As 71% of all searchers don’t move past the first page, with only 5.59% of clicks on page two and three.

I’m already on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What do I need you for?

Let us ask you a question – what results are you securing? Sales? Follower growth? Conversations struck up?
Social media marketing is hard work, made harder recently by social platforms restricting whether you audience even sees the posts you make. In short, it’s a tough job (that’s getting tougher). And it requires the help of professionals.

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