Leading ecommerce companies in Dubai? You've probably noticed how many there are.

Integrity. It forms one of our fundamental values. True to form, we’re going to be honest with you…

Converting the average website visitor is challenging – they are difficult to second guess, tough to convert.

They need to be understood, their behaviour must be predicted – their online shopping experience must be enough to persuade them to trust, engage and desire your brand, product or service.

Your would-be online buyers are incredibly demanding.

In the face of the challenges that the average online shopper presents, those many ‘leading eCommerce companies in Dubai’ may not be so commonplace after all.
It takes pain staking plans – storyboards, wireframes, user flows. It demands meticulously analysed user data (and piles upon piles of consumer research), to create an eCommerce solution that does the selling for you.
All of which demands a team made up of skilled artists, talented analysts, and innovative marketers.

Sell more. Online. Sounds simple (in practice, at least).

Noticed that wherever you search, every agency proclaims to be amongst the ‘Leading ecommerce companies in Dubai’? You need something to hang your hat on – concrete reasons as to ‘why us?’.

We’ll keep it short and sweet.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest, most innovative brands in the world. We’ve built quite the glowing track record. And, of course, we have an extensive portfolio that goes to show we’re as good as our word.

But, above all else – we go beyond beautiful design. Because (at the heart of effective ecommerce) is a digital experience that could and should be enjoyed – each click, each product explored.

All of which is backed up with a backend built to build your business - with seamless shop management and stock inventory; easy coupon creation; fast product upload; and report after report that crunches the numbers and paints a picture as to performance.

From initial consultation to site map development, from design to back end coding, LA Digital have all bases covered. They’re two steps ahead of me (always) and three steps ahead of many much larger web development companies I have worked with. Much of their invaluable insights come from their conviction to partner with clients, who they know have a vision and conviction to create the best and don’t just want an online brochure. LA Digital are deeply entrenched in new technologies and always keep well ahead of the curve which benefits me greatly. I have deployed many online experiences during my marketing career but nothing with such innovation, polish and attention to detail. It was a genuine pleasure and the success is measurable with an exponential increase in sales of well over 200% for our new e-commerce site.


Director of Marketing & Innovation, Gallery One


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Frequently asked questions.

Will my eCommerce solution be able to handle exchanges, returns and credits?

If that’s what you need it to do – then the answer is a resounding yes, absolutely. We will always listen to your list of requirements, features, guidance – which is complemented with research as to who your shoppers are, and what they want (and need). This collaboration and data-led approach always leads to revolutionary online experiences.

We’re an international brand, can you build a website ready for a world of shoppers?

Of course. We’ve worked with the likes of SAP, FIFA, IBM and AXA Insurance, so we fully grasp the needs of brands that do business cross seas and continents.

Will my eCommerce website be secure against online fraud?

Our commerce solutions are built to be robust. With clean code, good development practice, a solid server and SSL, your eCommerce website will have a firm foundation for keeping your shoppers safe (and their data secure). Of course, the other half of the story is you (it’s a little-known fact that the biggest weakness of online security is the humble human). So we’ll also explain who needs to do what, and what you need to be aware of.

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