A mobile app company in Dubai that makes every interaction count.

Let us guess… You’ve arrived here after searching, scouring, studying the promises and proclaims of a never-ending number of Dubai app developer agencies.

After all, mobile app companies in the UAE are ten a penny.

But what most agencies miss is this…

App development isn’t about slick graphics, advanced coding, impressive sounding methodologies.

App development is about connecting user, with brand. It’s about a powerful digital experience. And that, can only be built with a balance between digital strategy, technology and design (we should know, we’ve designed and developed plenty in our time).

The journey between where you are now, and an iOS or Android app that leads to business growth, brand affinity and user delight, is your choice of mobile app company in Dubai.

You made it onto their smartphone. Now what?

Increase sales, boost customer engagement, create avid fans, followers and repeat purchasers. Whatever your business objectives, there are few that a mobile app can’t drive you forward towards.
Yet discovering the mobile app agency that steps back to focus on your commercial goals (and the critical consumers who must be coded for), is far simpler said than done. So here’s our pitch – our why us - put simply: we don’t merely develop apps. Our developers aren’t simply iOS or Android App developers. We create digital experiences that matter.

Your mobile app. We’ll make it your most powerful marketing tool of all.

We strip it all back – forgetting methodologies, tools, coding languages. With a clear mind and a blank sheet, we start by studying your audience – their quirks, goals, preferences.
Throughout every app development project we test, split test and retest – we research what works, features that are loved, interactions that are smooth - and we’ll be led by the data onwards, onto an app that is built around your user.
From enlightening tourists exploring the gems of Dubai, to supporting users in their learning, we create apps that are wholly, totally, audience-centric.
With you, we’ll collaborate. Alongside you, we’ll create the incredible.

After shortlisting 3 Dubai based companies we chose LA Digital for our logo creation, branding and web design & development. From the onset, we found them to be a breath of fresh air from both a technical and creative standpoint. They designed our website from scratch and were willing to carry out multiple iterations to make the website perfect for our needs. Their after sales support has also been fantastic, with quick turnarounds on queries and web improvements. Would highly recommend Ash and his team to any potential start-ups or established companies looking for a talented and professional digital agency who always puts the client first. Founder & CEO (Combiz Namvar)

Combiz Namvar

CEO, Morespace Self Storage

Success. For clients in all industries.

From vision, to reality – we should probably get to work.

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Frequently asked questions.

How much does an app cost?

In the business of bespoke apps, the answer to this question proves to be even more elusive than putting a figure to a length of string. First we need to understand your idea, your users, your brand – then we can move onwards to provide a ballpark figure.

Will I require a web server/hosting for my mobile app?

In most cases, yes. This will allow for the secure storing of critical user information. Don’t worry though – our developers will handle this on your behalf (just say the word).

Should I choose an app developed for Android or for iOS?

Today, the app market is split – Android accounts for 50% of the market. iOS accounts for the other 50% (as of January 2018).
If there is an unquestionably proven demand for your app, then we’d always recommend moving forward on both iOS and Android.
Want a prototype first? Then you should choose one Operating System to gain the invaluable feedback you need. Then move forward with the next OS.

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