Searching for a web development company in Dubai? Results-driven, audience-centric, data-led (we’re a little bit different).

Sure, we’ve mastered Umbraco, Sitecore and .net - WordPress, Magento, Drupal (the list goes on).

And of course, we’ve coded thousands of lines behind the very first impression of multi-million dollar businesses.

But beyond proven skillsets, the illustrious portfolio, the blue-chip brands we’ve worked with, the crux of choosing a web development agency comes down to this…

Truly intelligent development should change the way you do business.

You need developers on their toes, at the top of their game.

It’s no overstatement to say that your business can grow or fall based upon the infrastructure of your app or website.
You’ve dreamed, imagined, developed your idea, yet it rests on the underlying code of your web, iOS or Android app to define your user experience. Every reaction to your user’s interaction, each move they make, question they have, must be planned for, plotted and prepared for.
This isn’t ‘just’ about functionality – ‘just’ doing enough to work well. It must be slick, ready to welcome each and every user – coded to make them feel as though this app, this platform, website or tool, was built for them, and only them.

Fast, intuitive, scalable. In short, our development builds empires.

Whether writing the logic that teams a tourist with their dream Dubai night tour, or creating the robust support centre for 1.4 million schools using an innovative learning system, our development breaks down the barriers between human, and technology, between platform, and problem.

We engaged with 4 vendors as the website was outdated and not meeting the current needs. The initial discussions with LA Digital was seamless. It was business related and not technical which was appreciated. The proposal was short and easy to understand. Price was market related. I am glad we selected LA Digital to manage the Sugmena website. They have the ability to work with large enterprises on projects with multiple stakeholders to deliver complex, visually appealing solutions. The project was within budget and under the time promised. We have been partnering with them since early 2013 and it is a pleasure to work with their extremely competent team.


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We don’t just develop web platforms, iOS apps or websites. We develop businesses.

Let’s talk about how your brand can be driven forward>>>, through code.

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Frequently asked questions.

What does your web development cost?

In answer to this question, let us ask you a few questions – who are your users? What are your business objectives? What defines your brand – your values, your USP? What about features, functionality, interactivity? Every web development project is drastically different. And so it should be, if your solution is to be built from the ground up around your users.

How does your web development process work?

Some web development agencies in Dubai layout out a six, eight, nine or more step process without you having so much as spoken a word to them. This straightjacket approach to development restricts innovation, agility and, ultimately, project outcomes. So, when we say bespoke development, we mean it – our process is decided on a case by case basis.

How long does your web development take?

If you’ve read the questions in question 1, the answer to question 2, you’re beginning to understand just how the development of apps, websites and platforms differs from project to project, from client to client (each with their own completely individual requirements). The cost, the process, the length of time it takes, all depends on exactly what you need.

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